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SB 80-Changes to Public Records Act

Senate Bill 80 recently caused several changes to Florida’s Public Records Laws. Summary of SB 80: “An act relating to public records; amending s. 119.12, 3 F.S.; revising the circumstances under which a court must assess and award the reasonable costs of enforcement against an agency in a civil action to enforce ch. 119, F.S.; specifying circumstances under which a complainant is not required to provide certain written notice of a public records request; requiring a court to determine whether a complainant requested 10 to inspect or copy a public record or participated in a …

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Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Presentation

Deputy Chris McMurty, from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, gave a presentation to the Board and community regarding safety tips for Mirabay residents. In particular, he recommended that residents be proactive in regards to safety and security because, while a gated community may help deter criminals, it is not a guarantee that crime won’t occur. Among other tips, Deputy McMurty recommended that residents close their garage doors, lock and secure their cars, and lock all doors and windows at their homes. Additionally, Deputy McMurty encouraged residents to contact the police and/or file a police report …

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CDD Update September 2015

Pool – Management will obtain proposals to replace the pool slide with different layout options as well as contact a consultant regarding the re-surfacing of the pool. Envera – Installation of 4 license plate cameras at both gate exit lanes was approved to deter exiting gate strikes. Management will contact Deputy McMurty in regards to testing all 3 EMS entries at both gates. Clubhouse – Management will work on proposals for remodeling the Café to meet increasing demand. Furthermore, management will consult with an independent decorator for replacement of Clubhouse furniture. Clubhouse lights are being …

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