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December 20 CDD Meeting Recap

Good afternoon Residents,

Please see below for a recap of last week’s CDD meeting:

  • Three newly elected Board Supervisors were sworn in to their seats and started a new 4-year term
  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-03, which named Paul C. as Chairman, Steve L. as Vice Chairman, and remaining Board members and Joe R. listed as Assistant Secretaries
  • The Board reviewed a list of 2019 Priorities
  • The Board discussed project responsibilities and appointed a liaison for several different categories:
    • Seawall Financing: Steve L.
    • Seawall Maintenance: Michael M.
    • Capital Asset Maintenance & Repair: Ryan W.
    • Contract Review: Dan L.
    • Resident Communication: Dan L.
    • Security: TBD
    • Landscaping: Steve L.
    • Park Square: Steve L.
    • WTS Operations: Steve L.
  • The Board discussed Seawall emergency repairs and gave Cardno discretion to reduce oversight hours if possible.
  • District Engineer discussed formats to the weekly update they send on the seawall progress.
  • The Board discussed grout injections but did not approve any testing to be done on CDD property at this time.
  • The District Engineer updated the Board on the status of the Master Seawall RFP, and the pre-bid meeting was very well attended.
  • No upland claims were approved at the meeting.
  • The Board approved a proposal from Gray Robinson to begin work on recovering litigation fees.
  • The Board reviewed several project-related items:
    • Landscape Design: Board members to send any issues/concerns to the District Engineer.
    • Audio Installation: The Board requested proposals to be presented at the next meeting.
    • Street Signs: The Board approved Cardno to certify signage within the community.
    • Staffing: The previously approved part-time maintenance position has been filled.
    • Playground Shades: This is completed.
    • Tiki Huts: The Board requested proposals for tables and options for grills, both charcoal and gas.
    • Dockers window and door repairs: Materials are on order with the vendor.
    • Power Washing: The Board would like to see this completed as soon as possible.
    • Fountain Repair: The new motor has gone down again, vendor ordering another new part.
    • Painting of buildings and monuments: The vendor will start painting shortly.
  • The Board discussed prioritizing capital projects.
  • The Board passed a motion to set a not-to-exceed amount of $2,000 for the Field Services Manager to work on an informal RFP for replacing palm trees throughout the community.
  • The Board reviewed Park Square discussion topics and District Counsel reviewed a memo on this item with the Board.
  • The Board approved a proposal for pond maintenance on two ponds in Pocket 101.
  • The Board discussed Town Hall meetings, which will continue to take place on the second Thursday of the month in the Lagoon room, but the time has changed to 6:30pm.
  • The Board discussed potentially changing the January 17, 2019 meeting date, but no changes were made.
  • The Board approved the updated advertising policy.
  • The Board discussed street tree removals and relate topics, but no decisions were made and this will be discussed further at the February meeting.
  • The Board held a closed security session.
  • A flyer for a CDD 101 presentation was distributed to all Supervisors, who are welcome to attend if interested.
  • Ryan W. requested a map to be brought to future CDD meetings.
  • Ryan W. discussed documentation standards for documents in CDD agendas and on the website.
  • Michael M. asked about future boating registration issues, with discussion on that item to be continued in the future.
  • Dan L. asked about live streaming meetings.
  • Dan L. and Paul C. discussed accountability from vendors, prioritizing agendas, and efficiency at meetings.


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