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Harbor Bay CDD Community Announcement

Harbor Bay CDD Community Announcement
Clubhouse Renovation Project Update
August 2, 2017

As you may know, the District’s renovation of the Mirabay Clubhouse is underway. The purpose of this communication is to provide you with an update of the Renovation Project, as well as some important dates to keep in mind during this week.

The Renovation Project is underway. Those of you who have walked by the Clubhouse have seen the team hard at work. Renovation of the Lagoon Room began on July 17, 2017. During this process, the contractor discovered the need to manually remove the Lagoon Room’s wood floor and subflooring together, rather than just the wood floor, given how the wood floor was installed. Consequently, this discovery resulted in the need to install and apply new subflooring before installing the porcelain tile in the Lagoon Room. There are only a handful of companies in Florida that can apply the necessary flowable fill subflooring, which has resulted in a temporary delay of the Lagoon Room’s flooring. As of today, August 1, it is anticipated that the subflooring will be installed later this week. Fortunately, the target completion date for the Second Floor remains August 17, and there is no increase in the Project’s budget.

In the meantime, painting of the Lagoon Room’s ceiling will commence this week to ensure the Project remains on schedule. Following the completion of this work, the subflooring will be installed, and the remaining work for the walls and trim in the Lagoon Room will be completed. Please note that the painters will begin work in the Fitness Center, starting with the offices and restrooms, while the flooring work in the Lagoon Room is being completed. This work will begin this week, but the Fitness Center will remain open during this time. On August 4 and August 5, however, the painters will begin painting the remainder of the Fitness Center, and the Fitness Center will be closed to residents while the painters perform this work.

Thank you for your continued patience during this important Project.

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