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Harbor Bay CDD — meeting follow-up 1/17/19

Good afternoon MiraBay residents. Please see below for a recap of decisions made and actions required as follow-up from this week’s meeting.

  • The Board approved upland claims for 2 properties
  • The Board discussed the procedures for reviewing and scoring the proposals for the seawall RFP at the next meeting
  • John T. reviewed the field inspection report with the Board, and there was a request to have the landscaper attend future meetings
  • The Board discussed the tree project approved at the last meeting
  • The Board discussed the status of the pool landscape design and renovation
  • The Board approved a proposal for mangrove trimming
  • Project status updates:
    • Elliot M. provided two options for the project tracker and the Board liked both versions.
    • Elliot M. confirmed with the Board that the fountain repair was completed during the meeting.
    • Elliot M. informed the Board that the Docker’s window and door repair project will be completed next week.
    • The Board discussed the clubhouse audio project but a motion to hire an audio consultant failed.
    • The Board approved a proposal to repair monuments throughout the community
    • The Board passed a motion to approve paint colors from original artist renderings for the clubhouse
    • The Board requested additional proposals for the pool bathroom renovations
    • Elliot M. informed the Board that the Seacrest pressure washing has been completed.
    • The Board passed a motion to purchase 3 picnic tables for the tiki huts
  • The Board reviewed the Project Management guidelines in the agenda and Steve L. requested that this is added back to the next meeting outside of the consent agenda for Board review
  • The Board reviewed the Capital Project Priorities and the highest priorities are as follows:
    • TOP PRIORITY: Pool Pilings
    • SECOND PRIORITY: Pickleball
    • NEXT PRIORITY (in no particular order): landscape replacement, maintenance shed, pool area renovation (including Dockers expansion and Outfitters conversion to tiki bar).
  • The Board reviewed a request to lift a vessel restriction at 427 Mirabay Blvd.
  • The Board discussed vessel rules, but motions to set a public hearing to revisit the rules and to temporarily suspend fines failed to pass.
  • The Board approved a settlement agreement related to a previous trip and fall case. The settlement is being paid by insurance, and the District will not have to pay anything out if the general funds.
  • The Board approved the tree project contract from Rizzetta, provided that the typo in the time frame is updated to state 60 days as the length of the project
  • The Board reviewed a soil sample memo and determined that the samples no longer need to be stored
  • There was a request from Burby Engineering to use photos of the community in their brochure
  • Ryan W. requested to have all documents properly labeled in the next meeting agenda
  • Ryan W. discussed creating a document for Supervisor requests to clubhouse staff
  • Dan L. discussed live-streaming the CDD meetings
  • Dan L. discussed working with Envera on producing a public security document that the Board can review with residents
  • Steve L. discussed investing the District’s funds
  • Steve L. discussed issues with an elevator maintenance contract

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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