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Harbor Bay CDD — meeting follow-up 10/17/19

Good afternoon MiraBay residents,

Please see below for a recap of decisions at last week’s meeting.

  • The Board passed motions to direct District Counsel to begin the contract negotiations with DPFG for District Management and Vesta for Grounds Maintenance and Amenity Management, to be approved by the Board at a continued meeting on Thursday, November 7th at 6pm
  • The Board held a shade session and then passed a motion to re-authorize the original settlement amount to the Kelly residence for their upland claim
  • The Board approved three new upland claims
  • CLM informed the board that the comments on the pruning standards will be updated after a meeting with staff on Oct. 23rd and the irrigation report will be completed shortly as well
  • The Board approved a proposal from CLM to replace shrubs and repair irrigation
  • The Board discussed the seawall maintenance plan
  • The Board discussed the Bay Breeze soil testing
  • The Board approved conveyances of two areas to the CDD
  • Pool bathroom renovation proposals will be available at the November meeting
  • The Board decided they are not in favor of adding pool lights to Admiral Pointe for night swimming.
  • The Board tabled the maintenance shed item for at least the next 6 months.
  • The Board approved additional sidewalk
  • The Board discussed the cul-de-sac and island refurbishments
  • The Board failed to pass a motion on the playground mulch
  • The Board discussed palm replacements
  • The Board discussed palm removals for the pool planters
  • The Board would like the canal lights project to begin ASAP, provided it does not interfere with FSG’s seawall work
  • The Board discussed the painting project
  • The Board discussed the Wolf Creek shade installation, and it was noted that permit issues will push this project back a few months).
  • The Board approved a proposal to replace the entry fountains
  • The Board discussed the pool mooring post repair project, which is complete and pending a final inspection and certification
  • The Board discussed the street signage updates, which are completed and undergoing a punch list
  • The Board reviewed a proposal for mangrove trimming, but no action was taken at this time
  • The Board discussed potentially moving the entry gates
  • The Board discussed authorizing staff to work with the HOA on transferring boating and waterway responsibilities, but the motion did not pass at this time. This will be discussed further at a future meeting.
  • The Board reviewed 2019 District accomplishments, which will be published and sent to the community after October 23rd
  • The Board reviewed a draft of a parking and towing policy and scheduled a public hearing for the December 19th meeting

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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