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Harbor Bay CDD — meeting follow-up 2/21/19

Please see below for a recap of decisions made at last week’s CDD meeting:

  • There were multiple comments on pickle ball courts from the audience
  • Paul C. requested that the audience comment tracking sheet is re-organized to show outstanding items at the top and to also ensure that it includes comments made at the beginning and end of the meeting
  • The Board rejected proposals from Hecker and Kelly Brothers for seawall
  • The Board reviewed one upland claim and directed staff to inform the resident that the District will not be offering a settlement amount due to the District Engineer inspection that did not find any damage at this property related to the seawall.
  • The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount to repair the pool mooring posts
  • The Board reviewed proposals for pool bathroom repairs but did not make any decisions until the following projects are looking in to:
    • Dockers.
    • Pickle ball
    • Pool landscaping
    • Other community landscaping
  • The Board discussed the street sign certification
  • The Board approved the termination of the previous painting contract and approved a new contract for painting the buildings and monuments
  • The Board approved 6 additional tiki hut tables and 3 grills to be installed near the tiki huts
  • The Board approved a proposal from Yellowstone for pest control treatments at the Bismarck palms throughout the community
  • The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount for cul-de-sac paver installations
  • The Board discussed a project management process and worksheet
  • The Board agreed to use a work request sheet when making requests to on-site staff going forward
  • A motion to approve the amendment to the Save the Manatee agreement did not pass.
  • The Board discussed potential rule changes to the boating policies
  • The Board passed a motion to terminate the street tree maintenance agreement with the HOA
  • The Board discussed potential amenity rule changes
  • The Board discussed expectation of Rizzetta and WTS on-site
  • The Board passed two motions regarding updating the elevator maintenance
  • The Board approved the purchase of a maintenance management system for on-site staff As part of the consent agenda, the Board approved the addition of Admiral Pointe’s pond to the pond maintenance service
  • As part of the consent agenda, the Board approved a bulk purchase of proximity cards and window stickers from Envera
  • The Board scheduled a shade session on April 18, 2019 at 8pm
  • The Board approved two proposals from Hecker for boat ramp repairs and upland void fills
  • Dan L. discussed security updates at future meetings and the possible live-streaming of CDD meetings Steve L. discussed meeting with a municipal advisor for investing CDD funds

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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