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Harbor Bay CDD — meeting follow-up 5/17/19

Please see below for a recap of decisions made at last week’s meeting:

  • There were requests to get a hog trapper back out on site
  • The Board reviewed options for clubhouse painting and decided to keep the same colors as is, with discretion to on-site staff to make final decisions on smaller items, such as columns
  • The Board discussed updates from Park Square
  • The Board discussed moving forward with the next section of seawall repairs. Emergency repairs on the next 3 lots will begin next week, and proposals for the remainder of the full project will be presented to the Board at the next meeting
  • The Board discussed bond financing and directed the investment banker to start due diligence on the refinancing of current bonds and the issuance of a new seawall bond. The goal is to issue bonds by August, but this will depend on the proposals received at the next meeting
  • There were no new upland claims to review
  • The Board reviewed the budget and approved Resolution 2019-06, which also set the date of the final budget public hearing, and that will be during the August meeting. The approved proposed budget does not have any O&M assessment increases to the residents
  • The Board reviewed Cardno’s project tracker
  • The Board rescinded the prior approval from the last meeting to remove the pilasters at the pool deck, and a new motion was approved to replace the 13 concrete planters at the pool deck
  • The Board passed a motion to increase the clubhouse debit card limit to $10,000
  • The Board discussed issues with the current landscape vendor
  • The Board tabled the proposal from Capital Land Management for shrub review and planning
  • The Board discussed the Wolf Creek Sails
  • Paul C. requested the future written updates in the agenda packet include start and end dates, as well as dates for key milestones.
  • The Board discussed the status contracts out for RFP:
    • The landscape RFP will be ready for discussion at the June meeting
    • The RASI/WTS staffing RFP was reviewed by the Board and it was requested that District Management be included in this same package
  • The Board approved a proposal from Premier Technologies for Network Management Services, but tabled the other items in the proposal
  • The Board will hold their standard workshop in June on the 2nd Thursday of the month, but there will be no specific focus for this workshop
  • The Board reviewed a contract signature authority document, but made no changes to that
  • The Board approved a proposal from ADASC for ADA website compliance
  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-07, which repeals a previous Resolution regarding CDD committees
  • The Board approved a proposal for new fitness equipment and also approved new aerobic room flooring
  • Ryan W. requested that if any Supervisor includes documentation in the agenda, that it also include any relevant background information and a recommendation for a motion that they will be looking for a decision on
  • Paul C. requested that the Parking Q&A document is reviewed for accuracy

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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