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Harbor Bay CDD — meeting follow-up 9/19/19

Good afternoon MiraBay residents,

Please see below for a recap of decisions made and actions required as follow-up from this week’s meeting.

  • The Board reviewed a landscape transition plan for CLM starting on October 1st
  • The Board approved the annual flower rotation proposal from CLM
  • The Board approved a proposal from CLM for palm installations
  • The Board reviewed a pruning standards document, which will be discussed further at the October 10th workshop
  • The Board approved the new CLM landscape contract in substantial form, which excludes optional area #5
  • The Board approved a proposal from Cardno for a review of the Bay Breeze soil conditions
  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-13, ratifying the sale of the Series 2019A Bonds.
  • The Board discussed seawall maintenance and the upcoming seawall reconstruction, which is estimated to commence on November 20th
  • The Board scheduled a shade session regarding one upland claim to take place during the next meeting at 7:30pm
  • The Board gave staff direction regarding the attendance of management companies bidding on the RFP next meeting
  • New Capital Projects/Major Projects/Written Updates next steps:
    • Pickleball
    • Outfitters Conversion
    • Dockers
    • Maintenance shed
    • Cul-de-sac islands
    • Storm Drains: Board approved not-to-exceed $20K for drain cleaning and root barriers where necessary
    • Seawall Easement Issues: tabled until next meeting
    • Personal Watercraft: Cardno reported no potential issues for personal watercraft once new seawall is installed.
    • Software Management System
    • Painting of Buildings
    • Pool Bathrooms
    • Pool Planters
  • The Board set a public hearing for updating their Rules of Procedure on November 21, 2019 at 6pm at the Mirabay Clubhouse
  • The Board discussed proposals for two new fountains. This is pending confirmation of the warranty information
  • The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount of $32K for sidewalk repairs, pending review of the pricing
  • The Board approved purchase of new HVAC for any unit requiring repairs that exceed 8% of replacement cost
  • The Board approved the termination of AirMasters as HVAC vendor and hiring of Gulf Coast for HVAC maintenance going forward
  • The Board reviewed a proposal from Ballenger for IMMS irrigation system monitoring but it was not approved
  • As part of the consent agenda, the Board approved a proposal for CDD insurance renewal
  • There was a question regarding Admiral Pointe pool hours

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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