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Harbor Bay CDD Meeting Recap 3/21/19

Please see below for a recap of decisions made and actions required as follow-up from this week’s meeting

  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-04 regarding direct contracting for seawall reconstruction
  • The Board reviewed a financial presentation from MBS Capital Markets
  • The Board approved additions to the emergency repairs at a not-to-exceed of $130,000
  • The Board approved staff to look into potential grants for seawall repairs
  • The Board reviewed a presentation from Canin regarding pool landscaping
  • The Board approved two upland claims
  • The Board approved an easement encroachment agreement and release template and process for handling future easement encroachment requests
  • Capital Projects:
    • Dockers – The Board would like the Engineer to revisit pricing and also asked for more detail regarding the utilization of the space and options for pre-fab buildings
    • Pool/Tennis Court Bathrooms – The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount of $30K to remodel the bathrooms
    • Pickleball – This item will be deferred until more information from Park Square is available
    • Community Landscape – The Board reviewed proposals for palm replacements
    • Wolf Creek sails – The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount of $32K to add a shade structure at Wolf Creek Park
    • Street sign review – Cardno should have this report completed by April
  • The Board reviewed the amenity rules and directed WTS to come up with any proposed changes in the next 2 months
  • The Board discussed pool lighting and potential night swimming
  • The Board discussed the monthly workshops the week prior to the regular Board meetings. These workshops will continue to be held but the Board would like them to have a sharper focus each month. The next workshop will focus on new capital projects throughout the community
  • The Board approved a release for a personal injury settlement.
  • The Board reviewed a presentation from Water Walker Investments and approved Resolution 2019-05 to enter into the Florida Fixed Income Trust for the investment of CDD funds
  • The Board reviewed a document regarding speeding
  • The Board directed staff to file a complaint regarding the AIG claim
  • Mike M. asked about Frontier expenses
  • Dan L. will be working on options to live broadcast meetings going forward.
  • The Board passed a motion to set a not-to-exceed amount of $1,000 for design services to recommend paint colors for the clubhouse exterior
  • Paul C. requested that Dan L. continue to look at ways of improving communication from the CDD.
  • Paul C. requested staff to look at inspection of work prior to warranty expirations
  • Steve L. requested contracts to be reviewed next meeting, including WTS, Rizzetta, and Lee Te Kim

Kind Regards,

CDD Management

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