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MiraBay Community Update

Dear MiraBay Residents,

Here is an update on several initiatives in the community:

Seawall financing

The thirteenth judicial circuit approved the District issuing bonds in an aggregate amount not to exceed $19.8 million.  The court also approved an assessment methodology based on front lot footage.  The Board is aggressively pursuing the best financing options available to the District.

Seawall construction

The Board of Supervisors approved a Rip Rap pilot test.  The primary purpose of the test is to evaluate constructability issues.

An RFP has been posted to stabilize up to 2450 linear feet of higher risk seawalls throughout the community.  We anticipate construction will start in July or August.

By August, we anticipate posting the RFP for stabilizing the remaining 28,500 linear feet of seawall.

Oak tree pruning

The Board of Supervisors approved the pruning of all street trees throughout the entire community.  We anticipate completing this project by year end 2017.

Pool refurbishment

In the fourth quarter, we anticipate repairing the pool slide, stairs and tower.  At the same time, we will refinish the pool floor and replace the dead palm trees.  We anticipate the pool will be closed for approximately 120 days during the fourth quarter.

Clubhouse refurbishment

Assuming all design decisions are made at the June 15th CDD meeting, refurbishment of the second floor of the MiraBay Clubhouse will begin shortly after July 4th, and the first floor refurbishment will be initiated two or three weeks later.

Tennis Courts New Hours

Tennis Court hours are 6AM-10PM 

Admiral Pointe Pool Hours

Admiral Pointe Pool is open from Dawn to Dusk.

Admiral Pointe Clubhouse is Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM & Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM


Dead palms have been removed throughout the community.  The Board of Supervisors will be discussing a replacement strategy at the June 15th CDD meeting.

The motors powering both fountains at the Rt 41 entrance to the community need to be replaced.  District Staff is seeking to accelerate the delivery of replacement parts; however, both motors are sourced in Italy.

On an ongoing basis, many smaller projects are being completed by several of our highly skilled, full-time staff.

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