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November 15 CDD Meeting Recap

Good afternoon Residents,

Please see below for a recap of last week’s CDD meeting:

  • The Board discussed the status of the emergency seawall repairs. The vendor is scheduled to provide the sheet pile materials on Nov 19 and the construction should commence on Nov 26. The project is scheduled for completion on April 10
  • The Board approved the Seawall Master Project RFP for the remaining sections of seawall repair/reconstruction
  • The Board discussed the procedures going forward for this RFP, including risk stratification, contractor follow-up, financing, and contracting logistics
  • Park Square introduced themselves to the Board and audience and discussed some development
  • The Board approved three upland claims
  • The Board discussed a potential insurance defense claim that District Counsel discussed at the last meeting. Two firms have been contacted but they have not yet submitted proposals
  • Project updates discussed:
    • The pool resurfacing project is scheduled for completion on Nov 22
    • Canin will have a proposal for the landscape design and installation at the next meeting
    • The Board discussed maintenance of previous seawall staging areas
    • The Board discussed canal dredging
    • The Board discussed mangrove trimming
    • The Board discussed a drainage issue near Dockers
    • WTS plans for pool grand opening Nov 23
    • Cardno confirmed it will cost $9,300 to perform a review of the street signage to ensure compliance with Hillsborough County, and the Board requested a competitive proposal
    • The playground shades for the clubhouse are completed, one has been installed at Landings Park, and the remaining 4 shades will be installed at Landings Park by Nov 21
    • The tiki huts have been completed
    • Dockers windows and door repair contract has been executed and the contractor is working on supplying materials
    • Fountain repairs should be completed by first week of December
    • Painting of buildings and monuments will be moving forward after a meeting with vendor on Dec 6
    • Mirabay flags have been purchased and will be installed after the holiday lights have been put up
  • The Board discussed the Save the Manatee agreement and are waiting for a ballpark cost to repair/replace pilings and signage
  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-01, which will update the disbursement of funds to set specific caps on Chairman-approved expenditures outside of public Board meetings
  • The Board tabled the advertising policy until the next meeting
  • The Board discussed a possible Bay Breeze soil issue and canal conveyance issues
  • The Board reviewed 2018 District Accomplishments and did not make any changes to the accomplishments as presented in the agenda packet
  • The Board adopted Resolution 2019-02 which outlines possible reimbursement of funds for emergency seawall repairs out of the future bond issuance
  • The Board re-iterated that requests for vessel size restrictions to be lifted will require specific engineering and/or legal review that the original dock plan was incorrect and must be amended
  • The Board approved a not-to-exceed amount of $1,500 for wind sails to be installed at the basketball court to reduce wind issues on the courts


CDD Management

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