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October 18, 2018 CDD Meeting Recap

Hello Residents,

Please see below for a recap of decisions made and actions required as follow-up from this month’s meeting.

  • While discussing the seawall project, the Board ratified the Hecker seawall repair contract and a proposal for filling voids in several locations. The District Engineer noted that the repairs to the 20 emergency lots should be completed no later than April 19, 2019.
  • The Board directed District staff to prepare 3 separate RFPs for each section of seawall repairs (sections 1, 2, and 3) and bring those to the next meeting for Board review and approval.
  • The Board discussed weep hole inspections and maintenance, and it was determined that no new maintenance is required at this time.
  • The Board discussed pavers on residential property that encroach on the CDD’s drainage easement at the seawall, and it was noted that the impact is minimal, so there is no action required at this time.
  • The Board discussed soil testing by H2R, and it was noted by District Counsel that the CDD does not need an agreement with H2R because these soil tests will take place on developer lots and there is no charge to the District for this service.
  • The Board approved two upland claims.
  • The Board reviewed the field inspection report and discussed several maintenance items.
  • The Board reviewed updates to several major projects, both Cardno managed and Rizzetta managed, and Paul C. requested a project tracker be created and added to the CDD website.
    • The pool resurfacing should be completed by Nov 22.
    • The pool furniture should be delivered by Nov 12.
    • The Board ratified a proposal from Pro-Crete for pool deck texture coating.
    • The Board approved a not-to-exceed of $15K for audio equipment.
    • Boat lift maintenance and asphalt repairs are both fully completed.
    • Playground shades should be installed by mid to late November.
    • The building and monument painting is in progress.
    • Power washing is on hold until staff is hired.
    • Fountain repairs are still in progress.
    • Work on tiki huts should start on Oct 25.
    • Dockers doors and window replacement proposal was approved.
    • Boat dock roof repair proposal was approved.
    • Paul C. requested that Elliot M. provide updates to the Board on any large projects his staff is working on at that time during future Board meetings.
  • The Board agreed to offer a one-time amnesty to any resident that did not pay their vessel registration fines as long as they pay their original requires fees within the next 30 days, and they also agreed to return any money to residents that already paid their fines.
  • The Board discussed updating the Save the Manatee agreement, which could possibly change future fee amounts and fee structure.
  • The Board reviewed an amenity fee comparison but did not move forward with anything on this item.
  • The Board discussed updates with Newland, and it was noted that the deal with Park Square is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year. There was also a discussion regarding water meter transfer to the District.
  • The Board approved a proposal to update signage within the community to get it up to HCSO standards so that patrols within the community can start.
  • Tim N. provided updates to the August 30, 2018 minutes for further clarification on his rebuttal in line 111.
  • Paul C. asked questions on several invoices.
  • District Counsel provided a settlement from Lennar for partial payment to the costs of the Admiral Pointe fence repairs, which will amount to half of the lowest bid for repairs.
  • District Counsel discussed potential liability from AIG to the District during the recently dismissed seawall resident litigation.
  • The Board agreed to temporarily disable the alarm at the basketball court until Envera can fix the issue
  • The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 6pm.


CDD Management

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