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Seawall Project


What is the Project?

The District is undertaking the Project in order to stabilize the community seawall, which is more accurately described as a “retaining wall.” The retaining wall was constructed in the years following the District’s establishment in 1999, and is an integral part of the District’s stormwater management system. After the retaining wall was installed, it became apparent that it was failing, causing the retaining wall sheets to bend and the concrete cap at the top of the wall to rotate. The Project is intended to repair/replace or re-support the retaining wall and associated appurtenances as deemed necessary by our structural engineers.

The Engineer’s Presentation describes two options for completing the Project (said Options are now referred to as Modified Option 1 and Option 3 based on the project’s previous history), with “pros” and “cons” to each that need to be considered. The Finance Team’s Presentation analyzes various methods available to the District for financing the Project.

What is the goal of the Project?

The goal of the Project is to repair/replace or re-support the retaining wall and associated appurtenances as deemed necessary by the District’s structural engineers, enhance the longevity and durability of the retaining wall system, minimize upland soil movement, and preserve existing incidental uses, while at the same time doing so at a reasonable cost.

Litigation Update:

2018-04-24 – HB CDD Seawall & Litigation Q&A

Documents/Presentations (Most Recent First)

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2017.09.22 Settlement Offer, MiraBay (Lilly, et. al. v. Harboy Bay CDD)

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9-13-2017 Seawall Inspection Report

2017-7-11 – Harbor Bay CDD Cap Rotation Table and Figure

MiraBay 2017-6-12 BOS Q&A Meeting – Low resolution

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2017.03.09 Letter to M. Eckert (Mira Bay – Harbor Bay CDD)

2017.02.27 Letter of Representation (Mira Bay)

RFP 2.21.2017
Mirabay Preliminary Master Timeline Analysis

RFP 2.15.2017

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Mirabay 2016-08-25 cdd board presentation Interim Stab Next steps

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2016-3 Levying Debt Assessments Harbor Bay

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Mirabay Engineer’s Report for the Master Project (revised)

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