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Seawall Project Proposals

On Friday, February 1st, in response to the Harbor Bay Community Development District’s Requests for Proposals for Design-Build of Master Seawall Project Sections I, II, and III, the District received one bid response to the Section I RFP and two bid responses for the Section II and Section III RFPs, as follows:

  • Hecker Construction Company, Inc.
    • Section I – $8,307,321.04 ($632.12/LF)
    • Section II – $8,617,800.00 ($636.00/LF)
    • Section III – $2,746,345.50 ($535.35/LF)
  • Kelly Brothers, Inc.
    • Section I – NONE
    • Section II – $12,289,000.00 ($906.94/LF)
    • Section III – $3,725,000.00 ($726.12/LF)

District staff is currently evaluating the bid responses. The District’s Board of Supervisors will publicly evaluate and discuss each of the bid responses, and decide how to proceed with respect to them, at its next meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 21st. Until such time as the District has either entered into a contract with a bidder or, if the Board decides to reject all bids, up to 12 months after the notice rejecting all bids is issued, the rest of the information contained in the bid responses received by the District shall remain confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure pursuant to statutory exemptions to Florida’s public records laws.

We encourage interested parties and residents to attend the February 21st Board meeting for additional information.

Thank you.

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